Dorico 3 stalls while exporting audio

Hi Dorici,

When exporting Flow 6 to audio it stalls at 78%.
I have had a few goes, and rebooted the computer.
Is this a corrupt file or a software problem?
Diagnostic Report attached in case the helps.
Thanks in advance.

Dorico 3
Mac Pro (mid 2010)

You forgot the attachment…

Here it is.
Dorico (498 KB)

Christopher, it looks like you’ve not yet updated to Dorico 3.0.10. I would suggest trying that first, and then letting us know if the problem persists.

I have encountered this issue (with 3.0.10). Christopher, out of curiosity, are you using Noteperfomer? I wondered if this might be part of the problem. It starts out strong and then slows down and grinds to a halt. In my case, it’s a big project (around 60 flows) with 10 players (some with doublings.) I was able to make it work, but I exported about 15 flows at a time. I had no problem doing a similar project last year in DP2, but I wasn’t using Noteperformer at that time. Daniel, let me know if you’d like me to email you my project. Not sure if it will help. I can’t post it publicly…sorry :neutral_face:

Many thanks, Daniel, I have updated to 3.0.10 but the problem persists. When exporting audio it now stalls at 79% (instead of 78%!).
In one test I exported flows 6 and 7 together and it stalled at 39%, which is exactly half of 78%…is that a clue?

New Diagnostic Report attached.

  • When it stalls I Force Quit after a bit.
  • Reopen Dorico but it stalls at “Audio Engine: Waiting for connection”…until it times out.
  • Force Quit.
  • Reboot computer.
  • Everything fine (Setup, Write, Engrave, Play) until I attempt to export audio, then all the above again.

Jamesppk Thanks for your thoughts. I am using Noteperformer. The only “grinding to a halt” that I experience is the time it takes to Save. At first it is almost instantaneous but through the day it takes longer and longer. Quitting and Reopening solves that problem.

Perhaps my export audio problem has something to do with Noteperformer…I don’t know.
Dorico (441 KB)

Would it be possible to get hands on your project in order that we can maybe reproduce the hanging? That would help us greatly.
We guarantee full confidentiality. You could send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

just wondering if there was a solution to this - having very similar issues today…

Do you have a video attached to your project? If yes, then it is most likely the same issue. We are working on it and are about to have a solution.
If you don’t, then please tell us what you are experiencing in more detail. Thanks

I have the same issues, which are sometimes resolved by restart of the system.