Dorico 4.0.10 Does not detect my external midi instrument

Dorico - Does not detect my external midi instrument


I have a problem with detecting an external instrument in Dorico.
The instrument in question is a Korg Nautilus. It can send and receive midi data, only that doesn’t seem to be detected by Dorico.

It is detected only for sending midi data.

The device is turned on before launching Dorico.
The device is connected by USB

Thank you for your feedback

I think you’re on Mac. You might need to open the Audio & Midi setup app (utility folder) in order to really set it up — but I confess this is not my field of expertise.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your intervention. Indeed I am on Mac for the topic, but the problem is on Windows.

The device works fine on Ableton Live.
I have 2 keyboards like this which are not detected.

If you open the VST rack, you can add MIDI instruments, and then route to that point.

I don’t think Dorico should recognize your MIDI instrument as part as a VST instrument…

You are absolutely right, @MarcLarcher.
@lvbeethoven1, you need to have a look in the MIDI-instrument section for your Korg as it will only get recognized via it’s MIDI-ports.

Thank you for your answers.
Indeed it is possible to activate a midi instrument, but it does not seem to receive any midi data. No sound back

I managed to remove the vst instrument rack and assign a midi channel to the instrument but no sound.

In fact usually I use this device in Ableton Live, it works without pb.

I take small steps. Now the pb that I have is that once the instrument is assigned in midi to receive midi data, I can’t assign the desired staves to it. Here piano so that it can receive the south of this channel in fact. an idea ?

@lvbeethoven1 , Dorico unlike Ableton is not a workstation and has no audio inputs, so it cannot route the audio signal that comes from your Nautilus via USB back into it’s own audio engine. So you have to monitor the Nautilus directly or via other means

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Change to the Inspector tab, there you can change the MIDI routing for each player.

Oh it works! Not necessarily simple, but once understood, it is easy. Thank you for your help. Sincerely :upside_down_face: