Dorico 4.2 and VSL are having a hissy fit

Do you have a USB eLicencer? Try rebooting and connecting it to a different port.


I think that the eLicenser was the problem. Changed ports like you suggested and everything cleared up. Thanks so much for your help!


I need help understanding how VSL products work in Dorico.
I have the Synchronized Solo Strings and the “Con Sordino” libraries, an iLok set up, and the EM for the respective libraries.
I found out that the EM’s are only for the basic versions of the instruments.
So a two part inquiry:
1- How does Dorico tell Synchron Player to load up the Violin 1 & Con Sordino libraries?
2-How do I include the full versions of these instruments in the EM’s? Are there reference charts I can use to add functions, etc. to the current EM’S?

Keep finding playing techniques that do not trigger anything , others seem duplicates.
After spending more money on these products, I would appreciate some guidance/help.
I’ve already posted on the VSL forum as well, with similar request.

Dorico cannot tell Synchron Player to load a particular sound. The playback template is presumably set up such that there is saved data for each instrument in the library so that an instance of the Synchron Player with the appropriate patch already loaded can be instantiated for each instrument in your Dorico project.

I don’t have any insight into the rest of your questions as I don’t use VSL myself.

re: 1, Dorico does not tell the Synchron Player to load up anything, you do it yourself by loading one of the presets directly in the player. In Dorico you create a Synchron Player instrument and using the SP’s Preset tab you load the preset you want, be it Syz Solo Strings or Sordinos or whatever. Or you can apply a pre-saved Dorico Playback Template that includes the instruments you want assigned as per the Endpoints included in that template. All these processes have to be learned by making use of the available resources in Dorico Help, here, and YouTube videos.

re: 2, if you want to augment the limited VSL-supplied expression maps you have to do that yourself, making a copy of the original and then adding your own expression map entries that achieve what you want to achieve. Again, customized expression maps have a learning curve. Again, help is available in the same places… VSL has manuals for each library and instrument that detail all the Synchron Player dimension and slot mapping information needed to fill out expression map entries, or you can just refer to an opened instance in the SP Standalone.

re: Playing Techniques not triggering. This is part of the learning curve. Enter, test, do detective work as needed. This is a learning process, not an event. There are plenty of videos and forum articles on expression maps, and trust me, you will be better off learning the nuts and bolts of this rather than using only what somebody else has made. That way you will be empowered to go beyond what somebody else has made. But either you will have to be content with what is already provided or you will go through this learning process.

There’s times I simply cannot figure something out. Sometimes I can get the help I need on the forum, sometimes I just have to set the problem aside in hopes that I can figure it out in the future. It’s just a matter of piecing together the available resources.

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Thanks for your reply, DaddyO. I appreciate your thorough answers. Will continue with my struggle to learn.

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That’s a terrific attitude, and one that will serve you well going forward. Here’s hoping before too long you will be looking back at the journey without regret. I can’t tell you how many times I have in frustration set aside my work until I could regroup and try again. It’s the classic three steps forward, two steps back.