Dorico 4.2 – Chords in between grand staff

Hello all,

I’m working on a project and it seems the option to show chord symbols in between a grand staff has disappeared. The option to show chord symbols above or below a single staff does not work in this situation.

Did the option in Engraving Rules move to a different place or did it disappear? Thanks!

It got moved to Layout Options.

Thanks, Fred!

A friendly request to the team: perhaps the user guide on Dorico could be updated to reflect the change?

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Are you sure you are referencing the latest version of the manual? The online manual appears different.

If you use Google, it will return the most visited pages first, which are the earliest versions of Dorico.

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Even though I download the PDF version of Dorico’s documentation whenever a notice from Lillie says a new one has been released, I make a practice of opening Dorico and choosing the Help link (even from the Hub) to make sure I am consulting the latest version.