DOrico 4.2 lost Mixer Window

Now all of a sudden today when I open a project in Dorico 4.2 I can not open the mixer I just get a blank page. I have a video but do not have a YouTube account so can not upload it.

Are you on Mac or Windows?
And stupid question, but do you wait long enough before opening the mixer window? Only if the Play button turns green the project is really fully loaded and you can open the mixer window.

Yes have been working with tech support and still have not figured it out. 3.5 works perfect on the same files. It worked for a month and today just started to do this. Have tried everything they suggested still no go. I see it as bad programing

Imagine if Dorico did what too many other companies have done and simply responded by saying, “No, this is user error.”

Your frustration is understandable, but your allegations are probably hasty and unfair.

Hi @WinBrookhouse, but I still don’t know whether you are on Mac or Windows.
And is the advice from this thread maybe pertinent to you?

On windows 10 using an alienware laptop. In response to ulf. In response to Derrek… I have been using dorico for four years now and have always felt 3.5 was a good program except for the interface needing work. But 4 has some major problems that should have been solved in the testing stage, if they put it through a rigorous testing at all. Like some of the new features mainly the fret board function. But to have the kind of problems I am seeing makes no sense to me. Good programming skills should be a must and interface design should be flawless. Or make it open source then; if they do not want to invest the time and money. Will still try to fix the problem.

And the link to the other thread I posted before does also not help, right?
You mentioned a screencast that you have. Is it big, does it fit into an e-mail? If so, please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.
If it is too big for a mail attachment, send me a message anyway to that e-mail address, because then I can send you a link to my OneDrive where you can upload the video.