Dorico - One of my projects crashes the audio engine

@misnoma , Dorico’s audio engine is derived from Cubase and uses exactly the same mechanism of plug-in scanning, black-listing, etc. The thing is, during the plug-in scanning only some very basic tests are performed to check the validity of a plug-in. So even if a plug-in passes those tests, it can still behave badly later on and bring down the audio engine. Also Cubase can’t do anything in such case and will also go down.

thanks for explaining. I’ve been hoping for years that Cubase could have some kind of sandboxing of plugins so they can’t take down the whole DAW.

Least to say, yes, we are actually experimenting into that direction, but I can also tell that it is quite difficult to make it work in large scale, i.e. when hundreds of plug-ins have to run in their own sandbox in parallel. So it will take some time until we see this in production code.

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