Dorico 4.3.30 demands Rosetta for installation?

I’m confused. Trying to install Dorico 4.3.30 on my new Mac Mini M2.
The pkg opens and then informs me that it needs too install Rosetta. I was under the impression that Dorico runs natively on Silicon - Am I wrong?

You’re not wrong, but some other components required at installation time are Intel-only, like the Steinberg Library Manager and the Download Manager.

So, I’m not clear please go easy on me. I don’t want to use Rosetta, but I HAVE to to install Dorico?

Yes, that’s correct. Dorico itself is Universal, but some of the tools that its installation relies upon are not yet Universal.

OK, so I don’t know too much about Rosetta etc, and whether or not it matters. But it seems disingenuous to call an app Universal when it cannot function without another app that is not…

That’s certainly one opinion! Neither eLicenser Control Center nor Steinberg Library Manager is used while Dorico is running, but the former is still provided in case you have any older products that require eLicenser, and the latter is required during installation to register the VST sound contents.

There’s few reasons to be pathologically opposed to it. :grin: It’s a very small disk footprint (even with the compiled translations). You’re bound to need/have something that still hasn’t made the transition.

Obviously, it makes sense to ‘get native’ as much as you can; but there’s no problem using Rosetta – until such time as Apple excludes it from a future OS version… :roll_eyes:

Dorico’s ability to run native is crucial to using VST plug-ins that are also native, and an important distinction.

For years, Adobe’s Creative Suite installers required deprecated environments that the apps themselves didn’t need. Not that they are an example to follow, of course.

OK all, I hope I didn’t seem cantankerous. Just with my new setup I wanted to run only Native apps, to the extent that any VSTs I own that are not native are being booted out.

Lots of software I’m abandoning with this change, probably about time too, we all gather so many plugins and odd apps that rarely get used. I see this upgrade to M2 as an opportunity to clean things up a bit.

No offence meant to Dorico team, wow, it’s fast now!