Dorico 4.3.30 "Wait for audio engine initialization" error

The issue came back after updating to the latest version and this time, the error is not permanent but happens every time and finally crashes Dorico.
After waiting 5 to 10 minutes I get errors on the Dorico screen (see screenshots) and I have to force quit Dorico from the Task Manager. (I am on Winows 10)
Only when I restart Windows it will open normally but after my work, if I close Dorico and started again after for e.g. to make some corrections, will happen again the same.
Nightmare… while I’m trying to write my scores for the upcoming show…
DORICO error
Screenshot 2023-03-28 004915

Please bring Dorico to work once more and then choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

I’ll do it right now.
Thank you very much.

Trying to upload the zip file here, I get the notification that the file is too large (8mb)

  • I will split in parts

Dorico Diagnostics (1.1 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics (3.8 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics (3.6 MB)

Thanks, I:m looking now…

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Thanks very much for the data. Very interesting, but I don:t have a real clue, yet. It appears as if on every second run the audio engine somehow stalls on initializing. Dorico then times out after a while because it does not get any response. So we have to find out what the audio engine is doing there.
For that, first please get the free utility Process Explorer. It:s similar to Task Manager, only better. Then please bring the audio engine into that funny state again. Please wait long enough, because you have so many plug-ins, already scanning just them takes over a minute. So let:s say you wait for 2 minutes and then turn to Process Explorer and look for the process VSTAudioEngine…exe (scroll all the way down, it is almost at the end of the list). Do a right click on it and choose Create Dump > Create Mini Dump. It is best if you do that twice in a row. Then please zip up the dumps and post here. Thank you very much.

Btw, instead of rebooting your machine, simply kill off that zombied VSTAudioEngine process via Process Explorer (righ click and choose the first item from the popup menu), then you shall be fine again for one go.

And it:s already late here in Hamburg, but will come back here in the morning…

Here in Athens as well.
I will follow the steps tomorrow and I will respond with the dumps.
Thank you and have a good night.

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Hello again!
I just followed the steps you provided and here are the zip files.
Thanks in avdance for your support.
VSTAudioEngine5 (630.3 KB)
VSTAudioEngine5 (629.7 KB)

Thanks for the data and I have good news for you, I know what is going on.
Despite the fact that you upgraded Dorico to 4.3.30 the audio engine is still hanging in the mediaclient library. Looking at the dumps, I can see that it is still the old version of that library.
Now, the mediaclient does not get updated by the Dorico installer, but it is now rather a part of the our common environment, which will get updated by the installer of the Steinberg Download Manager. That Manager normally looks for updates each time you launch it, but somehow this must have slipped through in your environment.
So, what to do now? Please stop any program you have running from Steinberg and then just start the Steinberg Download Assistant. Does is do an update of itself or does it just launch?
Please then check for the mediaclient. Go to C;/Program Files/Common Files/Steinberg/MediaBay (or Shared Components), I can’t remember straight out of my head. Anyway, right click on the dll and choose Properties, then go to the Details tab where you see the version number. It shall be 1.0.20 and not 1.0.10 like you had before.

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Problem solved exactly as you described.
My respect sir and thank you very much.
That was the best and most effective support I had ever from any software company.


I’m glad to hear that it is solved now. Thank you for your kind words and you are more than welcome.