Dorico 4.3 crashes with more than one project file open

Whenever I have more than one Dorico project file open and I try to save either project file, Dorico crashes. Thanks so much!

MacOS Ventura (did not happen with Monterrey from which I upgraded this past week)

My experience too.
Windows 10, 16GB RAM

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look.

Dorico (732.1 KB)

Thanks so much!

There are no crash reports in your diagnostic reports, Jeff. Are you sure that Dorico is crashing, i.e. the application disappears and a moment or two later you get a popup from macOS telling you that Dorico has unexpectedly quit? Or is it that the application continues to run but it appears to hang, with the spinning beach ball?

You’re right, Daniel: I’m getting the spinning beach-ball, but no crashes. No MacOS crash report is generated.

Hi @jeffrags, could you please check the version number of

/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/MediaBay/

Does it say 1.0.20?

It would be interesting to know the answer to Ulf’s question.

Furthermore I suggest that the next time you run into this hang, you create a spindump using Activity Monitor, then zip up and attach the resulting file here. Here is information about how to create a spindump: