Dorico 4/4 measure stucked at 3 and a half beats, Help!

Hi, I was typing notes in a project and noticed that the slur doesn’t work as a Tie. Then I found the tie option and deleted slurs and create ties. Just fine until then, suddenly a bar didn’t let me to insert notes to complete the 4/4 beats per measure and get stucked in a 3 and a half beats per measure (Just that bar). Please Help ! Here is a screenshot of the bar.

Try deleting the barline immediately before the irregular 3-and-a-half-beat bar, and see if that takes care of it. If not, please attach the project here (zip it up first) and we’ll take a look to figure out what’s going wrong.

Still won’t let me change a doted quarter note for a half note. The measure number is 15. Thank you Daniel for the response.
Just Friends (206 KB)

I’m not quite sure what you did, but perhaps you had been inputting barlines manually? You generally don’t need to do that in metered music like this. I’ve fixed up your file and it should be OK from now on, I hope.
Just Friends Transcription (204 KB)

Yes I have been imputting barlines manually, I didn’t find out another way to do it or how to input a custom number of bars.

Thank U Daniel I can continue my work now and I would like to know how to do it properly.

Have a good day.

Just add more bars using Shift+B and type e.g. +24 to add more bars, or you can add them from the Bars panel on the right-hand side in Write mode.

I experienced something similar yesterday. I had started from the Piano template. After I finished entering the piece, I went back and manually added a few new bars somewhere in the middle. I changed an existing bar with music in it from 7/8 to 4/4, and I was left with only 3 and a half beats. Scratching my head, I tried changing it to 5/4, 7/4, but it was coming up short in each case. In the end, I had to delete the existing original 7/8 bar and redo it.

I guess the barline immediately following the end of the 7/8 bar that you changed to 4/4 must have had a special barline of its own.

It would be super-helpful if Dorico actually showed you what was actually going on in this situation so you can come up with a proper plan to fix things. The idea is that it will show you a signpost (like it does for e.g. system/frame breaks) at these barlines to let you know that they represent an irregular bar, or a hidden time signature. We’ll try and get this in to either the first update or the one immediately following it.