Dorico 4 always complaining about plug-ins

I have five plug-ins from SSL that I had a 6 month license for (now expired). Every time I launch Dorico, I get 5 error messages that these five plug-ins are not activated. I have deleted these plugins from iLok and I have deleted them from my hard drive.

I also got these messages from Logic Pro and from Universal Audio Luna on start-up, but removing them from my hard drive and from iLok has solved it.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Note: I had the same issue on Dorico 3.5. This is not a new issue on 4.0, but it persists.

Please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file her. From the logs I can maybe find out, where Dorico is finding those deactivated plug-ins.

Thank you. Here is the Zip file.
Dorico (309.6 KB)

According to the log files there are or were some SSL plug-ins installed under


So please have a look at that location if there are still some SSL plug-ins around. Also note, that Library folder is in the root of your harddrive and not the one in your home directory.

That was it! My other apps used the AU versions, which I had deleted. Deleting the VST’s seems to have solved it. Thanks!

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