Dorico 4 and Audio engine - fails to start up

The terminal window just said:
[Command not found: app/Contents/Applications/]

[Could not create a new process and open a pseudo-tty.]

Here’s a crash report: (28.2 KB)

Hi @lafin , in your case it is Groove Agent SE.
Please go to /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/ and find in there Groove Agent SE and move it e.g. to your desktop. Then try again with Dorico.

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Hi @Chewy_Papadopoulos , but again, all those crash files point at Eucon.
Please delete all audio engine crash files on your machine and then try again and post the one that then gets generated, to make sure it is really the latest.
And also please check again, that the eucon61.bundle is not in the in the Library path anymore.

Make sure to not drag it out normally, but with (I think) cmd pressed down. You should be prompted to enter your admin password for moving files out of the library. Else it will just copy.
(That’s what did it for me)

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Removing Groove Agent SE did the trick. Thank you for your help. I’m sure you’re having a busy day and I really appreciate your willingness to help.
BTW, when I tried dragging the Groove file to the desktop it insisted on merely copying. I had to force trash it. I then copied that to my desktop.
Do I need to keep this at all?
Thanks again.

@lafin , you are welcome. Well, it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep Groove Agent or not. At the moment it’s of no use for you, because it will stop Dorico from running. If you do want to use it, you need to wait for a Groove Agent update that is compatible with Dorico anyway.

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Thanks for the suggestion-- I had done just that. First copied it (just in case) and then deleted, with the whole password process.

Still have the problem.



You did it!

Got rid of that other eucon bundle and it started up. Thank you!

Now I’m guessing that my MC Control (if I ever actually got it working again :wink: )won’t have what it needs to run, but that is not an issue for me now.

Thank you!


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