Dorico 4 and Kontakt and Apple Silicon M1

FYI it looks like you will need to run Dorico 4 in Rosetta 2 mode if you want to use Kontakt instruments as Kontakt has not yet been updated to run in native M1 mode.

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I think no, because at Dorico 3.5 it works … and for example at Logic Pro X (M1 native apps) it works too … could you please Steinberg or NI help to us?

Dorico 3.5 runs in Rosetta. Logic has some special magic that allows it to run Intel plug-ins while the main app runs ARM code. Apple has not made that available to third-parties.

From gossip on VST forums, it seems that Kontakt has lots of ‘legacy issues’ which may prevent speedy transition to new technologies, Apple Silicon being one of them.

Spitfire are releasing native VSTs for their libraries. Opus is also a Universal Binary. I’m sure others will follow, but the list of non-native VSTs is lengthy.

Dorico 3.5 doesn’t run natively on Apple silicon. If you want to continue to use Kontakt, you have no choice: you must run Dorico 4 under Rosetta. Steinberg can’t help you with this: only Native Instruments can, by releasing a version of Kontakt that supports Apple silicon machines natively.

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In some other threads here (D4 and Kontakt) someone mentioned, that Issue is inside Kontakt and displays warnings in Load-phase of the libs. I understand issues in software-development process, but it’s more than 15 months since Apple released M1 chips, so right now Steinberg thumbs-up and NI down … there is no doubts …

Actually, I have heard that NI have an ARM-native version of Kontakt in beta at the moment, so it may not be too long before it is publicly released.

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I’ve heard this as well (maybe from the same source?) but I’m not holding my breath. NI has had a lot of issues (as I understand it) updating Kontakt, code wise.

I heard a rumor they spent a lot of time going down a road only to find it a dead end. Similar to what Apple did with the TrashCan MP and heat issues.

I’m sure they want to get a native version out quickly, I’m not convinced it is coming anytime soon. I hope I am very wrong about that. :neutral_face:

There is Beta testing at NI Kontakt Team. Who wants to be a part of this, simply ask to be a member of Beta program here at NI Forum: