Dorico 4 and Windows 7

Dorico 3.5.12 has been working flawlessly on my Windows 7 desktop (64-bit, 32GB RAM), but it took some advice from folks on this forum (back in May, 2021) for me to learn how to get it to install properly (don’t use the Steinberg Download Manager). I’ve now spent eight months learning Dorico, and I have no regrets – it’s a great program, and I use it daily. I’d love to buy Dorico 4, but I’m not about to spend thousands on a new computer just to do it.
So I have two questions, please:

  1. Is there a trial version of Dorico 4 that I can try to download and install, to see if it will work on my computer?

  2. Have the changes made in this upgrade had a seriously effect on how Dorico relates to the user’s OS? (i.e., serious enough that where Dorico 3.5.12 works well on Windows 7, Dorico 4 definitely won’t?)

Thanks for your help!

There’s no trial version of Dorico 4 available at the moment; it will be released in a couple of weeks. As we’ve discussed recently, I really have no idea whether or not Dorico 4 will even start up on Windows 7, but once the trial version is available you are of course free to try it out.


Thanks, Daniel – good to know I can give it a try via that trial version. I’ll be looking for it!

You could try registering for and installing Dorico SE as that is a free version which is available now.

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Forgive my dumb question, but is the current Dorico SE version also v. 4?

(I’m also wondering: would trying to install SE somehow interfere with the successful operation of my current Dorico Pro 3.5.12?)

Yes, Dorico SE is now version 4. It shouldn’t conflict with Dorico 3.5 as long as you don’t try to run them at the same time.

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Thanks, Ben – much appreciated!