Dorico 4 Audio stops working after a period of non use

Hope someone can help me with this annoying issue. I and using Dorico Version
It has been running smoothly until recently when I had to relocate and set up my studio again.
The issue is that after using Doriuco for a while and then leaving it to do other work, upon return the audio has stopped working. Other programs can still use audio so it appears to be a Dorico issue. The solution is to quit and restart Dorico which usually works but on occasion, I have to reboot the whole system. I have re-installed both Dorico and the Audio engine but the problem persists. Any suggestions are most welcome.
Cheers, Tom

Next time this occurs, i.e. as soon as you find that you no longer have any sound, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, and we’ll take a look to see if we can figure out what might be up.

Thanks Daniel. Will do.

It happened again. However, the diagnostic report is 9MB and I can’t attach it. I have attached a link instead.

Hi @Tom_Fryer , just a quick note, I had already a first look and found a very weird pattern in the callstack in the audio engine crash dump. Will come back later on it again…

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Actually I am wrong, the symptom was similar to an older issue, but this is now a new case.
What is happening? An exception gets risen and an exception handler called, but the exception handler does not know what to do with it and re-throws it again, but on re-throw the same exception handler gets invoked, so we are in a classical endless loop which runs until all memory is used up.
So I have entered this issue to our bug database and someone appropriate will take a look and fix it.


Thanks, Ulf. I wonder what caused it as Dorico has been running problem-free on my system for a few years.

The same we wonder as well, so we need to find out…