Dorico 4 - cc1 strange behaviour (HSE + HSO)

As you see in the attached image, I think there is something clearly wrong in cc1. I don’t think I did nothing strange.

You can see how cc1 gets louder and louder (no change in dynamics from score) and in the end everyghing is super loud. Even more strange there is this “line” returning from last note to the middle of the score, I don’t even know how to remove it. To be honest, I still don’t get a lot of things with the new play mode… i really need to have a look at it, anyway, I think there is somehting clearly wrong in here, it is a known issue? something I should do?

It is a project started in v3.5, just in case it makes any different

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Can you cut down the project to just this passage for Violin 1 and attach it here? It’s expected that the CC1 values should change in response to dynamics marked in the score, but if you’re saying that there are no dynamics in this passage, then it’s a bit more unexpected, to say the least. It’s much easier to diagnose these kinds of issues if you provide a project rather than a picture.


I’ve just found the problem. when you said that this should not happen in score with no dynamics I just figured out that there was a some previous bars with dynamics that were not reset to normal cc1 values and thus, the values kept increasing over each bar.

Defenitely was my mistake!

Thanks a lot for you quick answer!