Dorico 4 crashes on startup

Dorico 4 crashes on almost every startup since a while. Maybe the report gives a clue:

[Report removed]

It looks as if this problem is coming from macOS rather than from Dorico. The significant lines appear to be:

Application Specific Information:
rosetta error: /var/db/oah/279293133324288_279293133324288/4f07c51cce2a21dd4d30f5e42233996d3b60702f287444dae74319461fc4382b/Dorico 4.aot: attachment of code signature supplement failed: 1

Looking around on the web, it appears that this problem can indeed occur randomly with a variety of applications when using Rosetta. One option would be to run Dorico natively, rather than using Rosetta, but I imagine that you are using Rosetta because you want to use NotePerformer or another plug-in that is not currently available with a native Apple silicon version.

Some people who have encountered the problem report that rebooting their computers is enough to resolve the problem. Have you tried that?

Another option would be to try reinstalling Rosetta on your Mac. You can do this using the following Terminal command:

/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

Thanks for the fast reply. It seems that even if I restart the crashed Dorico in Rosetta mode, non of the not M1 VST Plugins load. The problem seemed to start the last OS-X update.
Reinstalling Rosetta didn’t work. Unfortunately I use Note Designer and Hallion 6.

Hi Daniel, just to let you know, I solved it by reinstalling Monterey.

Thanks for letting us know how you resolved the problem, Frank. I’m not sure what’s the underlying cause here but I would hope Apple are aware and working on it.

Same problem here!
Dorico crashes when i try to start it with Rosetta.
I do need Rosetta for NotePerformer.
I reinstalled Rosetta, rebooted. Still crashing.

What can I do?

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this ourselves. It seems that it is an OS-level problem. Installing the latest Monterey update may fix it; failing that, you may need to reinstall Monterey altogether.