Dorico 4 download and installation failure

Am I the only person to have experienced an endless loop around software “wizards” while trying to upgrade from Dorico 3.5 to 4?
If anyone can give me infallible instruction on how to install Dorico 4, I’d be immensely grateful. I’ve already scarificed two days of ‘creativity’ to this futile effort.
Any help will be gratefully recieved!

Hi Les, I’m sorry to hear that - we’re working hard to improve the download and installation step by step and the new licensing is the next step along that path.

Could you answer a few questions?

  • Did you receive a DAC?
  • What happened when you entered into the Steinberg Download Assistant?
  • Does your Dorico 3.5 license appear with the words “(non-upgradeable)” in eLicenser Control Center?
  • What can you see when you open Steinberg Activation Manager?

Thanks and sorry again for the inconvenience!

Hi Ben,

If by DAC you mean a 25-digit code, then yes. Otherwise, no.

I’ve attached a sequential set of screenshots from running the Download Assistant (DA1 thru DA4). Everything just ‘hangs’ from that point on.

There is no wording indicating ‘non-upgradeable’ against Dorico 3.5.

I’ve attached a screenshot (AM1) of the what I see when I open the Activation Manager.




OK - so did you log into the Steinberg Download Assistant successfully?

Well, given that I got as far as DA2, I can only assume so. I accepted everything along the rest of the route to DA4, where everything seemed to come to a grinding halt.
How else do you know that you’ve logged-in successfully, apart from a confirmation message (e.g. “Hi Les!”), which didn’t happen, or just something else changing, which it did?

I should add that nothing at all changed on the Download Assistant ‘screen’ itself.

Looking at DA3, it seems strange that it’s trying to open a link with the Installer for SDA. It ought to look something like this, opening the link with SDA itself.

What is your default browser set to?

My default browser is Firefox. It is completely up to date.

If you click “Choose a different application” are you able to select the Steinberg Download Assistant (note: not the installer)

So, I navigated directly to the SDA .exe file and ran it. I logged in and, when asked about opening the link, I selected ‘Choose’ and navigated directly to the SDA .exe file again.

The outcome was exactly the same - nothing!

Since the instruction said ‘Once authorization is complete you can continue working with [SDA]’, I tried closing SDA before navigating to it to open the link. Nothing!

There’s clearly something fundamentally wrong here - something that requires IT knowledge that cannot reasonably be expected from an average user - even if they are familiar with using music software.

I’m really sorry for the frustrating experience you’re having. It’s not usually like this.

I am going to consult with my colleagues about the issues you’re seeing with SDA and will get back to you shortly.

In the meantime - could you try uninstalling SDA completely and installing the latest version from

I’ve checked with my colleagues and we wanted to check a couple of things with you.

When you click the “Sign-in” button in SDA and complete the browser login, SDA should still be running (e.g. the window with the sign-in button should still be there, as it’s waiting for the completion of the process) - is that happening for you?

Secondly, if you open Firefox settings and search for “applications”, do you see “Use Steinberg Download Assistant” by the “net-steinberg-sda” entry? (like the screenshot below)

Thanks for helping us troubleshoot this!

The answer to your question is ‘no’ - I don’t see any entry for net-steinberg-sda.

HOWEVER, I have cracked the problem by changing my default browser to Edge. This is not something I choose to do lightly but, in this case, out of desperation - and I’ve switched back again now that the smoke’s settled.

I now have Dorico 4 installed and, apparently, working on my machine.

I find this whole business of web-based installers typically frustrating. This was the second major loop I’ve been round in the last couple of weeks. What happened to the good old installers that just ran native? Come to that, why can’t we just get CDs through the snail-mail? The thought that, at some point, I’ll have to go through this mill again (if and when I get a new machine) just fills me with dread.

Thanks for your efforts on this. Hopefully it will have given you guys something to think about. I can’t be the only mug getting caught out like this?

I had the same problem and on Chrome I had to give permission to the website to access the program. Also when activating I had to give permission to the activation program to access the internet. Maybe some warnings should be given in the programs.