Dorico 4 Elements - grace period activation

I own Dorico 3.5 Elements bought after August 25, 2021 (within the grace period). I received grace period activation codes for Dorico 4 SE and Dorico 4 Pro (which does not work). I did not receive an activation code for Dorico 4 Elements. What do I need to do to get the activation code for the correct version?

Welcome to the forum, @piper6. You would only have received grace period codes for Dorico Pro if you requested them!

If you first activated Dorico Elements 3.5 between August 25 and September 20 2021, you will receive your grace period update by email from our colleagues at AskNet, who manage our online shop. This will arrive before the end of next week.

If you first activated after September 20, you should be able to get your grace period update by clicking Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center, at which point you will be directed to the Steinberg web site and sent your grace period code by email.

Following up on this thread, I purchased Dorico Pro 3.5 in November. I do see that I am grace period eligible in the eLicenser. However when I was directed to the Steinberg website there does not seem to be a place where I can get the download access code. I only see an option for 'Redeem download access code"

Any help appreciated and Thank you for the grace period!

Ahh I see that my question was already answered in another thread. I got the activation code.


As the author of the original post, I purchase 3.5 on 9/9/21. So I guess I have to wait for AskNet.

This means that the customers who bought 3.5 earlier get the update later, but the people who bought 3.5 later get the update earlier. How did you decide that this was good customer service?

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, @piper6. There was a technical problem with the licenses sold during the period of the End of Summer Sale that we resolved in September, and this is an unavoidable problem. I hope that when you receive your grace period update for Dorico Elements you will enjoy the new capabilities.

Understood. But if AskNet has been aware of the problem since September, they had 4 months to prepare for the D4 release.

Unfortunately the problem was on our side, and due to the limitations in the eLicenser technology, we were unable to fix the problem. This is yet another reason why Dorico 4 marks the beginning of the new era of Steinberg Licensing, so that these sorts of problems will be consigned to the dustbin of history.


Hi @dspreadbury. I received an email from AskNet stating that I purchased Dorico 3.5 within the grace period and can upgrade to 4. However, when I check the eLicenser, there is no indication that I am eligible for the upgrade. Any assistance would be appreciated

Welcome back to the forum after your 10 year absence, @G_Man! :slight_smile:

Please see the instructions in the first post in this thread: