Dorico 4 freezes when trying to set default tonality system

Hi, I imported my personal 48 EDO tonal system which works fine.
But every time I try to safe it as default Dorico is freezing and I have to force quit it. What I actually tried to do is to have the tonality system in every new document. Maybe that was the wrong way to do that anyway. However the save as default problem seems to be a bug.

Thanks for this report - I can reproduce the problem here. We’ll take a look.

Thanks. How do I get my own tonality system directly into every new document. I did it once but I forgot how I did it. Is it the “safe as default”?

Yes, once you do Save As Default then the saved tonality system will be available in every new project that you create. It looks like we’ll need to fix this crash first though.

OK thanks! Meanwhile the import does the job :wink: