Dorico 4 Grace Period

Hello! Still catching up on all the exciting implementations in Dorico 4. I upgraded to 3.5 during the recent grace period. How does one redeem the free upgrade to Dorico 4?

Looking forward to trying out the revamped Play mode and Mixer. Are there any plans to have rewire support?

Welcome to the forum, @brandon13569. Provided you activated your Dorico 3.5 license on or after 25 August 2021, and in particular on or after 20 September 2021, then it will hopefully be simple: run eLicenser Control Center, allow it to perform its default maintenance tasks, and then you will be prompted to go to the Steinberg web site to claim your update. Sign in with your Steinberg ID, click the button to claim the update, and you’ll receive an email with a Download Access Code. Enter that into Steinberg Download Assistant, and away you go.

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Oh, and I’m afraid not much chance of ReWire ever being added to Dorico as it is no longer supported by Propellerhead/Reason Studios. But we definitely are interested in sync in future, one way or another.

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Hi Daniel, I am did all of that and still not able to open the link.
Is it broken?

Are you finding that it complains about the “campaign ID” being missing? If so, try here:


Thank you so much, that worked for me too.

Great. And welcome to the forum!

hello i got and error well trying to get my download acces code? what can i do if ,
when I do the maintenance of my usb elicencer it appears to me as eligible for grace period but it does not give me any link or anything like that to obtain my download code
please help me

I’m not getting the “grace period” message when I open the eLCC.

i love you, ty so much, steinberg rules the galaxy!!!