Grace period campaign ID missing

After following directions to take advantage of the grace period upgrade, I received this error message: Error: Grace period campaign ID missing

Hoping there’s a quick and easy fix.

My thoughts are with Dorico & Steinberg support staff during what is likely a “getting slammed” day.

I also received the same error, and can’t get a new link generated. Keeping the webpage open, hoping reloading it at some point will do the trick.

+1 getting the same error message here.

It’s a little bug in our online services, caused by the fact that you have multiple eLicensers in eLicenser Control Center. We’re working on a fix!

Update (2022-01-13) This has now been fixed. If you still encounter a problem related to a grace period update, please post a reply to this thread or open a new one.


That solved the problem.
Thanks Daniel !!

Can you please post link for user with Dorico Element 3.5 retail with (Grace Period Eligible) in eLCC.
Thanks Pascal

(Removing links now that the problem that caused so many users to need them has been fixed on the web server side.)

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