Grace period campaign ID missing

After following directions to take advantage of the grace period upgrade, I received this error message: Error: Grace period campaign ID missing

Hoping there’s a quick and easy fix.

My thoughts are with Dorico & Steinberg support staff during what is likely a “getting slammed” day.

I also received the same error, and can’t get a new link generated. Keeping the webpage open, hoping reloading it at some point will do the trick.

+1 getting the same error message here.

It’s a little bug in our online services, caused by the fact that you have multiple eLicensers in eLicenser Control Center. We’re working on a fix!

Update (2022-01-13) This has now been fixed. If you still encounter a problem related to a grace period update, please post a reply to this thread or open a new one.


That solved the problem.
Thanks Daniel !!

Can you please post link for user with Dorico Element 3.5 retail with (Grace Period Eligible) in eLCC.
Thanks Pascal

(Removing links now that the problem that caused so many users to need them has been fixed on the web server side.)

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Hi, would appreciate any help here as I am revisiting this issue after a year and at a bit of a loose end!

I decided to upgrade from Dorico 3.5 Elements to Pro during the time that the Grace Period offer applied, but didn’t actually attempt to activate until later, when I had more time. By that point, my 3.5 Elements license started showing up as a ‘Grace Period Eligible’ license in the eLicenser software.

So far so good, right? Except that when I attempted to apply my Pro upgrade to the 3.5 Elements license via the Activation code, eLicenser told me that the 3.5 Elements license could not have this upgrade applied. (Presumably because it is now a new license, ‘Grace Period Eligible’.)

The issue persists to today, more than a year later; I reached out to the eStore support a while ago to not much luck, and because I made the purchase in Australian dollars but am now living in Japan where direct email support seems to not be provided, following the links to send a direct email for support just puts me in an infinite loop going back and forth between English and Japanese sites! :sweat_smile:

Is this the right place to ask for support? Am I too late? I felt demoralized after the last attempt and resolved to try again later, and would love if my initial understanding of upgrading from 3.5 Elements → 3.5 Pro → 4 Pro were still possible. At least if I could access 3.5 Pro, that would be fantastic.

Thanks for any advice you may be able to share, and sorry for a long post!

Welcome to the forum, @myrrhorman. Please send me a private message including your eLicenser serial number (shown in eLicenser Control Center) and the activation code(s) you’ve received, and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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Thanks so much @dspreadbury! Getting on it right this moment.

This solution doesn’t work for me

XOR: I couldn’t figure out what the implication of what to do was because I have no knowledge of on the fly python3, ruby, json, etc. and the 210000 ways of using Boolean Logic - don’t know why theres need for all that except lack of comonadic comonitoring of the output in realitime - bad solution windows and mac have eh?

I have paid a (to a pensioner of severe disability, relentless, life-robbing neuro and physical and deep poverty) large sum of money for over the years :

  4. DORICO 3.5 ELEMENTS (the “middle of the road one”)

and updated them diligently until I started physically falling near death in 2020 right before I then got Covid on the first airtrip from Baltimore to Grand Rapids in USA (so I wouldn’t have heard of it and yes I am still ill from that conjunct errors iatrogenic).

Your team tried to solve this once. Then the next day, the computer literally ran out of space, forcing me to buy 2 additional SSD hard drives (the laptop is high powered i-series etc. but has tiny SSD drive), which seems against my will, to rip the proof of any ownership away from me, and additionally there is affidavit file that indeed my hard elisencer was eaten by my dog. I properly bought a new one, and the assistent, kindly provided the “whatever you enter to just get the darned program as I am just a sick person not scheming behind your back for goodness sake you paranoics!” (that enters my miserable mind constantly as I have nothing to do - no friends - not ONE. I am shhh…AUTISTIC… and you know, people only pretend to like people with that and especially hate people like me whom are socially awkward to what a psychiatrist called 1 year old or less social skills but have an IQ that day he estimated didn’t drop or may be higher than the previously measured 164. SO I COME OFF LIKE A MEAN OLD MAN EB SCROOGE, ETC. Sorry. Its [semantics{(syntax_{i|jk}) x evaluate (Type: Bifunctor_eval)] . Ask the house mathematician to show you why that is indeed the case.

PLEASE, I AM a morphism of Mr. MORELY in Scrooge, in purgatory wandering the earth in pain and misery howling for someone to hear me and resorting to frightening by accident because of my pent up confusion. I am confused. Very confused. These products cost A FORTUNE to Americans. I am even “white” (Irish, Engligh, Franco-Cantabrian/Iberian) with olive skin, but white as they come, so I feeel real bad for the true minorties in this country who have less $$ than I. And less social, family, etc. support. My Dad got killed by his family members’ neglegent homicide with no charges, which rots my soul against the perp. I need justice. Please be the Agent of Some Justice for the Meek. I am a Roman Catholic, Anglican, and follow Islam, somehow consistently, but I am not into superstition or hypotheticals, just “the sick should be helped to their need’s allowance” and perhaps no one here has noted my low affordance mensa.

Write privately in clear language please.

Evan, we’ll be happy to help you. Is the issue that you have replaced your USB-eLicenser, but you have been unable to retrieve the licenses for your Cubase Artist 6, HALion Sonic 3, MP3 Encoder and Dorico Elements 3.5 products to activate them on your replacement USB-eLicenser?