Dorico 4 - Great Update - Key Command for Jump Bar issue


A wonderful update it is! One minor quirk I have found, at least on my mid-2015 MacBook Pro and 2018 iMac, both running the latest versions of Monterey. BTW, dongle-free is life at its best.
The Jump Bar is a very useful addition to the interface. However, the key commands to toggle from Commands to Go To fail to work on both of my machines. On the MBPro, control-1 does nothing. Control-2 moves to the next screen (I have multiple screens on my Macs). Okay, no biggie. I changed the Key command in Dorico’s Preferences to various combinations, and none of them work. They do nothing. Am I missing something? Dorico doesn’t say there is a conflict with any of the key choices.

Thank you in advance.


Someone else started the exact same thread just a few minutes ago: