Dorico 4 - Group names not showing in older scores

I was trying to make groups in older scores (vers. 3.5) . I can add instruments to the groups in Setup, but the group name (Player Group Label) doesn’t appear in the score. Works fine with scores I’ve created in version 4. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @ossur_01 - this is a layout option, which you can set as per the steps here.

@Lillie_Harris Thanks a lot! :wink:

I can’t get this to work. I’m evidently missing a step somewhere, but I don’t know what it is. The group names are shown in full at the first systems, but the abbreviated names are not, in subsequent systems. The full names, however, are, if that option is chosen. I have designated full and short names for the group players, but this doesn’t seem to have an effect.

(BTW - and I know I’m wanting jam on it - it isn’t possible, is it, to have the ‘player name instead of instrument names’ option to act only at the first systems, so that subsequent ones show the instrument? Or is that doable by other means entirely?)

Screenshot 01-17-2022 16.39.08

Screenshot 01-17-2022 16.39.45

Screenshot 01-17-2022 16.40.41

@Gareth_Glyn you may have slightly mixed up “player group labels” and "player names in staff labels – this is what player group labels are. In the staff labels, that will instead use the player name (set for each player). What have you set the short player names to for those 3 percussionists?

I used ‘Rename Player Group’ and entered Perc. 1 for Percussion 1 (as in the above screenshot) and Perc. 2 and Perc. 3 for the other two.

And for the player names for those players, rather than the player group name?

You’re right, Lillie - I did get thoroughly mixed up. I had treated the dropdown list:
Screenshot 01-17-2022 17.48.06
as a series of instrument names (in fact I have some sort of recollection of adding the instruments called ‘percussion’ to the list in a previous attempt at achieving my goal), but now that I have followed - correctly, I hope, this time - your instructions (applied to the ‘percussion’ instruments in all three players’ details), all is well, and the short names have duly appeared. Thank you again for your forbearance.

Great, glad it’s working.

Without wanting to confuse you further, I feel I should point out that each entry in your screenshot (with the … at the end) is an instrument or percussion kit. The name shown in each row is the corresponding instrument name.

The player holding those instruments is “Percussion 1”. “Percussion 1” is the long player name for that player.

Additionally, that player is in a group called “Percussion 1”. That’s also then the player group name.

This introductory page covers the difference between instrument, player, and layout names in the context of “how and where parts get labelled”, essentially. It doesn’t include player groups, as it’s primarily focused on where you might see references to one player, although maybe that’s worth considering for the future.

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Thanks for the link. I have had a further epiphany: although I’d right-clicked on the instrument called ‘percussion’, I in fact got the ‘Rename Player’ dialog (as the title on its top made quite clear, if only I’d bothered to clock that at the time), and I could have right-clicked anywhere on that list of instruments and got the same dialog as a result.
Here’s till the next senior moment…

After all the bother I caused, I have to admit that I now find myself reverting to having the percussion instruments themselves, and not the player names, showing to the left of systems; for two reasons:

  1. Ideally, I’d like ‘Percussion n’ to appear next to the first bar only of a flow, and the instrument names thereafter, otherwise there are pages where there is no clue as to which instrument is playing (unless there’s an instrument change on that page);
  2. I found, with the ‘player name instead’ option checked, that the guide instrument labels in Galley view, for the plethora of percussion instruments in the score, all read ‘percussion’, so I had no clue as to which staff was which!
    In order to get the result I’m looking for, I’ll try one of the workarounds I’ve come across on the forum .