Dorico 4 hangs at startup on audio engine: waiting for connection on windows 10

I get this error (?) message all the time now Sometimes I have to reboot N.B. I did a search and found that others were having this problem on Mac but I am running Windows 10

Sorry I posted before I was finished so continuing my post:
Sometimes I have to reboot windows to get dorico started and then activation manager relaunch may or may not work.

This generally happens following a crash in either Dorico or the VST Audio Engine. If you (or the operating system) ends the Dorico process forcibly, the separate VST Audio Engine process can remain hanging (meaning that though you can restart Dorico, it can’t reload VST Audio Engine).

You should find that doing Ctrl-Alt-Delete > Task Manager > Dorico > End Process and VST Audio Engine > End Process will allow Dorico to run again without rebooting the entire computer.

And please choose from Dorico’s menu the item Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. From the contained log and crash files we can find out in more detail what is going on on your computer. Thanks