Dorico 4 in High Sierra?

Is installing Dorico 4 on a MacBook running OS 10.13 “at your own risk” or is it known not to work properly?

No, it won’t even install, I’m afraid. Sorry! You really do need Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave to run Dorico 4.

I am very disappointed. High Sierra is the “sweet spot” for many. It runs my graphic design and sound design software – new and old – very reliably. Mojave is a challenging upgrade on my mighty 2009 Mac Pro tower with 48GB RAM. Daniel, I really wish your team had found a way to make it work on macOS 10.13.

I do run Dorico 4.2 on my 2016 MacBook Pro (16GB) but need to bounce back and forth between my mobile MBP and my basement Mac Pro workstation.

The good news is that I don’t use advanced engraving features, so I actually can open up a Dorico 4 project on Dorico 3.5 (with a warning). The engraving is not messed up. Thank you for that!

The Qt framework that Dorico relies on, uses new APIs in the OS that are only found in Mojave and later.

There are some ‘hacks’ that will get later OS versions running on older hardware, though the results can vary.

You may need to update the GPU, still.

Progress is made on funeral at a time, as they say. You can’t run the latest version of Office on High Sierra either (nor on Windows 8).
13 years is a good innings for a professional desktop rig. A new Mac Studio would be cheaper to power, too.

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It seems a bit unfair to lament that new software won’t install on a 5 year old OS, no? It hasn’t even had a security patch in almost two years (come November).