Dorico 4 increases Textbox-Size massively when pasting Bravura-Text

Hello there!

I am trying to make my timpani part, and as far as I know, there is still no way to mark timpani-tuning, other than adding a text-box (I use Harp Pedaling as Paragraph Style) and using a mix of Academico and Bravura (I copy the flat and arrow symbols in). This worked fine for me in Dorico 3.5.

In Dorico 4 however, pasting symbols from the bravura style in existing text boxes doubles the vertical size of the text box and I could not figure out, what causes this.

Attached you find a screen, showing the text box before pasting a flat-symbol (copied from the very same box) and after pasting it.

Thank you!

This is the purpose of Bravura Text, to have the same character set without the huge line spacing, and glyph size more appropriate to work within text. Try Bravura Text with your 3.5 method and see the difference.

However, 4.0 also offers a new convenient music character picker! Right-click while entering text to explore that …

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