Dorico 4 Installation Problem

I have successfully upgraded from Dorico 3.5 to 4 on my iMac. I am now trying to install a copy onto my MacBook Pro. However, when I get to the upgrade license part in the download assistant, I get a “no licence to upgrade” error message - I previously didn’t have 3.5 on this machine. How do I overcome this. Presumably as I am logged into my Steinberg account it knows that I own this product licence? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

If you have already upgraded on your iMac you don’t need to upgrade the license again on your MacBook Pro - that bit has already been done. You need to run all the installers via SDA, but after that you should just be able to start up Dorico on the MacBook Pro, and then to log in to SAM with the same Steinberg ID as on the iMac.

Thank you Richard. I was expecting some arcane and complex process! Everything is working seamlessly on both machines.