Dorico 4. join two notes into a single note in the middle of the measure

Goodnight everyone. I am currently copying a sheet music and I found this situation. I want to join two notes into a single note in the middle of the measure. I selected the option to do that but nothing happens ( Apply button pressed )

I had already done it before but now for some reason I am not getting it. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.

If the Notation Options do not have the desired effect, try Force Duration - select the tied notes, press " U ", " O ", then " 7 ".
" U " unties the two quarter notes, " O " turns on Force Duration, " 7 " sets the value to half note.

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Thanks Steven!! It worked…!!
And Joseph Haydn appreciates your help.
Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

Ah, but it should work using the notation options… anyone shed some light on why it didn’t in this case?
Just so I know what to do when it happens to me…


select the tied notes, press " U ", " O ", then " 7 "

or: select the tied notes, press “O” “6” “7”
It’s the same amount of key presses, just another way of achieving the same result.

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Depending on the time signature, Dorico may or may not allow a note like that to cross the half-bar. Normally it will only allow it to be notated as a single note if it fits the syncopated pattern short-long-short, but Dorico is a bit too strict about what forms a short-long-short pattern: in this case, the two eighth notes before and after the half note would need to be a single quarter instead.


Ok ! Thank you Daniel !

How can I clean this up? I have tried everything :frowning:
What I am trying to achieve is a quaver then a quaver tied to two dotted minims. Thank you for any advice :slight_smile:

Well… It looks perfect to me. Of course, you can change the way it looks using force duration (o), but beware : you might not follow the rules… Well, there might be some latitude when it’s a dotted half on the second beat.
Put the caret on the second beat, press u (cut, scissors tool). Then select the new note following the second beat, press o, 6, 7 dot. Press r to repeat it. Select the second quaver, press o (to make sure every following note has force duration engaged), press t twice and you’re done.