Dorico 4 keeps freezing launching (Audio Engine died)


I already saw there was a thread a few years ago with no real solution. When I start Dorico 4 it freezes at different points, mostly it says “Audio Engine Died”, two times it say “RSS feed redirecting” followed by a youtube link and once it was something about meta.
I’m running a MacBook Pro 16" 2019 with Monterey, Intel Core i9

I hope you can help me out. I just reinstalled the program.
Best Regards

Welcome to the forum, Philipp. It sounds as if the audio engine is crashing on start-up. Can you please check what files are found in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components on your Mac? To go to the right folder, I suggest you make the Finder the active application, then choose Go > Go To Folder, and copy and paste the bold text above, including the initial leading slash.

In the Finder window that appears, you should then see the files that are found in that location. My guess is that you will see a Groove Agent SE component in there, among other things. Please try moving that Groove Agent SE component out of that folder, then run Dorico again. If Dorico starts up successfully, hopefully we’ve solved the problem.

If Dorico still doesn’t start, try moving all of the files out of the Components folder temporarily to see if Dorico starts up without them all there. If it does, then you can try adding them back one by one until you identify the one or ones that are causing the audio engine to crash on start-up.

Thank you so much! It worked out.