Dorico 4 keeps reverting to Note Input mode

After I input some notes and click either Enter or Escape to exit Note Input mode as soon as I click anywhere else, Dorico goes back into Note Input mode. If I cycle it on/off a couple of times, I can do some other function, but as soon as I stop that function, it goes right back into note input mode.

It is apparently because I use “Pitch before Duration” for note entry. Even though I exit Note Entry, the Pitch before Duration stays on. Then whenever I click anywhere it automatically turns Note Entry back on. If I manually turn Pitch before Duration off, then everything works, but that means I need to turn it on and off every time I enter notes. I’m a Finale convert and I prefer to work in that mode.

I would recommend activating the arrow tool in the toolbox on the left-hand side in Write mode, which disables mouse input. If you find this a useful setting (as I do), there’s a preference for this on the Note input and Editing page of Preferences: switch off By default, enable note input with the mouse.

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Perfect, thanks!