Dorico 4 License transfer as usual? Support told me "yes". Is this true?

My question would be how to transfer a Dorico 4 license (upgraded from Dorico 3.5)?

It was offered for sale by a friend on the VI-Control forum and I would love to buy from it, but we did not find any information about it.

The local Steinberg support wrote me than you can transfer the license as usual and linked the Resale Wizard page for me:

Is this true information? Thanks.

It will be possible in due course to transfer Steinberg Licensing products between different Steinberg ID accounts, but it is not possible using the existing process described with the “resale wizard”, I’m afraid.

So far as I know, no formal process exists to allow this to happen as yet for Steinberg Licensing-based products, but it is planned for the future.

As I’m planning to transfer my Dorico 4 Pro license as well, I’m highly surprised that the possibility is planned for the future?? You must be joking Daniel

I’m not sure what you mean, @jazzfirst. If you want to transfer your Dorico Pro license to another user, for the time being I recommend you contact our support team. There is no automatic process to make this happen at the moment.

Daniel, thanks for your response.

Contacted support 8 days ago, but stil no answer on how to transfer my Dorico 4 Pro license to a potential buyer.
It looks like this is going to be a long wait which is very disappointing.

If you want to send me your ticket number via private message, I can ask my colleagues in the support team for an update on your ticket.

My support ticket number is: #468754.



I have asked the support team for an update.

I have created a support ticket 14 days ago asking for information on transferring my Dorico 4 Pro license to a potential buyer. No response whatsoever!
Very, very disappointing!