Dorico 4 Manual: search keywords for "chord from selection"

@Lillie_Harris this is just FYI and for your consideration. Apologies in advance if this had been brought up before.

I wanted to have Dorico display the chord symbol based on the notes entered, for example like so:


But I couldn’t find it in the manual based on keywords I was using and had to Google it instead.

So I propose that search terms like:

generate chord symbols,
show chord symbols,
create chord symbols,
display chord symbols

…should include in the results the topic from the video below - “chords from selection”. I didn’t know that was the Dorico term I needed, so I used all the keywords listed above instead to no avail.

Surprisingly, searching for “chord from selection” at the moment doesn’t point to the topic that video covers.


Easy explanation for that: this new feature isn’t documented yet :wink:

For now, refer to Dorico 4’s Version History.