Dorico 4 manuals published (English & translations)

Lillie the Dorico 4 Manual is excellent. Thanks for all of your hard work.


Lillie, good morning!

A quick remark: Searching for “capo” gives less than helpful results… :wink:
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Sincerely, Benji

ci sarà una pubblicazione del manuale in Italiano?

Thanks Benji, that’ll probably be because the additions in Dorico 4 relating to setting capos on fretted instruments aren’t documented in the manual yet. If you check the New features page, you won’t find it listed :slight_smile: for now, that requires Daniel’s extensive and marvellous Version History.

Not yet, but we’re working on translations currently.

It’s all good, I just re-watched Ant’s helpful video on the subject… :wink:

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Grazie, gentilissima come sempre.
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Hello everybody, Hello Lillie! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.
Please don’t forget a manual in Spanish and Portuguese please. Thanx,!

Hi @Jorge_Postel-Pavisic – I’m afraid at the moment we don’t translate the Dorico manual into Spanish and Portuguese, only French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Hello Lillie…ohhh what a pity to know that. I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and French but some colleagues who want to know Dorico no. I hope you can think about it and make these translations please, there are many people interested in knowing Dorico.

The manual is a good work but seems a bit incomplete. While every mode has its dedicated chapter, the Play mode is only vaguely mentioned here and there. For me, a 20+ year Cubase user this mode is extremely important, because its use shortens the time between composition and final score. After a few minutes of using the Play mode I have already hit a wall several times. F.e. where is a scroll bar or zoom panel? The usual key commands of G and H do not work, dragging the window works and zooming along cursor line works as well, but those require mouse use, while shortcuts are more handy. Why playing techniques bar, being much bigger than the one in 3.5 does not display the technique name. To know what is the technique one needs to click on the bar. And so on.
So, will the Play dedicated chapter appear any time soon?

Lillie has mentioned in many posts already that the manual is not finished and that Play is one area yet to be updated. She has pointed folks to the Version History to see what has been added to Play mode.

Many thanks, it looks great.

Am I to understand that an updated popovers document is still to come?

Still to come, yes.

I would love to see an updated version of the popover document as well, but even more helpful would be, if I could see a list of possible entries, when I right click into a popover (and perhaps choose from that list as well).

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Was getting mad font rendering issues:

But I re-downloaded it, and it seems to be working now.

A note so bold and attention-grabbing it prevents you reading the words. Outstanding.




An updated popover PDF for Dorico 4 is now available.


Grazie! :rose: