Dorico 4 - no sound all of the sudden

I seem to have lost all sound in Dorico 4.

Here’s what’s happening:

I can enter notes into the staff via MIDI keyboard, but when I open the VST window, it’s not showing any connection to my keyboard.

I’m getting sound everywhere else on my computer, just not Dorico. There is audio signal on the Dorico mixer, but no sound. I’m not getting any click either. I tried the steps on Anthony’s video on troubleshooting audio, but that has not helped.

Here’s a diagnostic report of a simple project with just Halion piano
Dorico (859.5 KB)

Have you experienced a crash in Dorico and then restarted it? If so, then it could be that the VST audio engine continued running and Dorico reconnected to it when it restarted, but this can end up with no audio outputs getting connected. If you experience this, quitting and restarting Dorico once again (which will cause the VST audio engine to quit as well) should sort it out.

Sadly, I’ve restarted both Dorico and my computer about 4 times now, and nothing seems to change.

Everything seemed to get weird after I bought and installed the Electric Bass virtual instrument.

I’ll keep investigating.

I’m getting zero sound after 6 Dorico restarts, and 5 computer restarts.
Dorico is the only program on my where I’m not getting sound.

Studio One = sound
YouTube = sound
Keyscape Standalone = sound
Kontakt standalone = sound

I’ve cleared the caches in preferences, and have no idea what’s going on.
Dorico (1.2 MB)

I wonder if I should reinstall Dorico 4

So, I reinstalled Dorico, updated all Steinberg sounds, and still NO SOUND.

Kind of at a loss here…


I tried one more time to clear the cache, and it worked.

Hi @TimothyWhalenMusic ,
I had a look at the diagnostics and the audio engine might have gone oonfused with your Quantum audio device, because it got detected as 4 devices, according to the logs:
2022-06-04 16:58:15 : =>Quantum 2626;Quantum 2626
2022-06-04 16:58:15 : =>Quantum 2626 (2);Quantum 2626 (2)
2022-06-04 16:58:15 : =>Quantum 2626 (3);Quantum 2626 (3)
2022-06-04 16:58:15 : =>Quantum Aggregate;Quantum Aggregate

If you open the Audio MIDI Utility (under Applications/Utilities) what audio interfaces get listed there?

Hi Ulf,

Yep, that was the issue. There was a new firmware update to my Quantums, and once I downloaded it, restarted the computer, and double-checked audio settings in Dorico, everything worked fine.

I actually do have 3 Quantums, and they are combined into an aggregate.

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