Dorico 4 No Such Item in Directory Error

System Specs:

RTX 3080
Ryzen 3700x
Windows 11

Issue: When trying to open any of my .dorico files on dorico 4 (musicxml works for some reason) I get the following error: no such file or directory F:/TMP/Dorico 4/ofcsessions/session-3da37/0-dd7db/score.dtn

The specifics of the error change a little from file to file I try to open, but they all don’t work and the location always starts with F:/TMP/Dorico 4/ofcsessions

I have factory reset preferences, which has not solved the issue, I have also verified that the autosave path exists in preferences.xml. The autosave path DOES exist but the folder is empty.

Lastly, I believe the issue was caused by restructuring of my file system, which I did after installation of a new SSD, and my F drive was renamed to E. However, E:\TMP is also not a file path that exists.

Let me know if the information provided is insufficient or if anything else is needed. I appreciate any help!

EDIT MORE INFO: I’ve just realized that a TMP file directory indicates temporary files that windows deletes. I don’t know how this may help but the information seemed relevant.

Also, I have tried making a diagnostics file for your convenience, but the ZIP is always completely empty . Sorry about that

Are your real files located anywhere outside the TMP (temp) folder. Did you miss copying the actual files when transitioning to the new SSD?

If you can find the actual location of the real files, you should be able to right-click on them and use Open With to send them to Dorico 5 instead of Dorico 4.

I have the .dorico files themselves, but as for the files being referenced in the error, I don’t think so. I have yet to upgrade from Dorico 4. I do not own Dorico 5.

Alright, as a troubleshooting step I installed Dorico on my laptop to see if it was an issue with my installation. I transferred one of the offending files to the laptop and attempted to open it with the new dorico installation. It did successfully open.

My conclusion for now is that my installation is broken., I may attempt a clean reinstall and see if that resolves the issue.

My silly mistake. External Drive was not fully plugged in