Dorico 4 Note Performer Sony WH1000XM device setup problem

Dear all, Changed from 3.5 to 4, very happy with especially new engrave setup! Only problem is that in Device Setup in Combination with Noteperformer the message is that NP does not support sample rates lower than 44100 Hz and then in device setup only 16000 Hz is offered as an option for the Headphones

This was never a problem in Dorico 3.5

Any advice welcome, Best regards Willem

I can’t believe Sony builds such headphones that have a bandwidth that stops around 6kHz… That is three octaves below the human ear limit. Way too low. Are you positive there’s no other setting? Or use it wired?

Thank you Marc, I do agree with you where Sony bandwidth is concerned. The problem is not with Sony though but with the absence of setting up an adequate bandwidth in Dorico. And what puzzles me is that is was not an issue in 3.5. I am doing a lot of the duller work (orchestration etc.) when traveling (mainly train) and then wireless is very practical.

Hi @willemvanmerwijk , no, the issue is a different one. Most BlueTooth headsets have a built-in microphone so you can also use them together with your smartphone and make telephone calls.
The sample rate of these microphone is always limited because for voice you don’t need such high bandwidth.
So in the Device Setup dialog, when you drop down the list of available devices, you will find two entries for your Sony, the first one is for the built-in microphone and the second one is for the actual headphone. The headphone will have a higher sample rate like 44.1kHz or even 48kHz.
So just choose the second entry and everything will be fine.


Thanks Ulf for this explanation. Now this makes sense!


Thank you Ulf, the only problem is that in the list of possible devices in 3.5 indeed there are two choices

and the 2nd choice does indeed do the job. In Dorico 4 this 2nd option is absent, just the low rate mike setting is available and trying to change that in the device control panel does not help either…

Hi @willemvanmerwijk , oh really? Is that so?
In that case, please try the following. Go to Applications/Utilities and open the ‘Audio MIDI Setup .app’. It shows the available audio devices.
In the left bottom corner is a little ‘+’ icon, click on that and choose ‘Create aggregated device’. Then on the right hand side again all your available devices get shown. Does the Sony turn up there as output device? If so, then make a tick in front of it so that it participates in the aggregated device. And everything else just deselect. So in the end it is actually not an aggregated device, but it does not matter. Then close that and restart Dorico. In the Device Setup dialog now that new aggregated device shall turn up and be selectable. Does it work with that then?


Good evening Ulf, thank you very much for the suggestion! Works perfectly now… Best, Willem

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