Dorico 4 on computer (pc) without internet?

It was not clear to me.
Just bought dorico4 can allready instal it on a computer with no internet? or transfer the licence from one that have internet access? or must I wait for that option?
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The initial release of Steinberg Licensing doesn’t support activation on an air-gapped computer. We have that on our roadmap and will support that soon.

Great! thanks

Some news?

Offline activation is not yet implemented, but the Steinberg Licensing team are working on it at the moment, now that Cubase 12 has been released, so it will be coming soon.


Just a friendly reminder from a year ago.

In the event our internet service provider is down, like half our state here in the US was today for 12 hours, we can’t use Dorico. Not having internet is a great time to catch up on our Dorico projects.

Forced me back to Finale again. Please stop that pain : )

Yes it is rare, but I hope this is still on the list for a fix.

?? You should be able to launch Dorico without internet, if the installation has already been authorised.

You should be able to work without the Internet connection, but for the worst case you can even create an offline license

Indeed, provided you are using an up-to-date version of Steinberg Activation Manager, and provided Dorico is already activated, it won’t make a network request when you start it up. Once Dorico is activated, you really don’t require an internet connection to run it.