Dorico 4 onW10 21H1? possible?

Can we install Dorico 4 on w10 21h1?

Yes, we can :blush:

thanks for the reply and good news because I can’t update w10 to 21H2!!??
uefi problem !!??

Please be aware that we really do only officially support Dorico 4 running on Windows 10 21H2 or later, and you really may encounter unexpected behaviours and problems when running on an earlier version of Windows.

Your windows installation is not going to get any better unless you fix the UEFI problem. There are many sites that tell you how to do this by updating the BIOS (hopefuilly your machine is not too old), reformatting the disk and doing the upgrade. (You would need to make a backup of anything crucial on the disk, and make sure you have your Microsoft login and password written down before reformatting) If you dont feel happy about doing this yourself, take the machine to a competent technician.


Thanks to both but
I found the solution for the Uefi in the bios : boot from storage and change it…everythnig is ok now to install from usb the 21H2 version but the installation stop at 67%.
A lot of people has the same problem on internet but I don’t found any solution…grrr
best regards

Very odd.

Is it possibly that the disk is too full to hold the extra temporary files during the installation?
In the last resort, I wuzold try reformatting the disk and installing from point zero? (But first make sure you have the information you need to log on to M$ and reauthorise the installation.)

Thanks but not a problem of space! And sure don’t want to rebuild my computer " Castle of cards" from the beginning !
As I’m not the only one to have this problem, I will find when I would have time.
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Problem Solved: I manually update some w10 patches (correctif) before a Windows 10 KBxxxxxxxx. and now I have the 21H2