Dorico 4 open with black screen

This happens on every file. What should I do for avoiding this?

Thanks very much!

Looks like it’s fixed after I restart the laptop

This black screen issue has still happened for days. I have to restart the laptop every time. Is there any solution to fix this forever?

If you end up with a black screen, does e.g. resizing the window slightly from one corner cause the display to be corrected?

No, resizing the window doesn’t work… The Steinberg hub also shows a black screen. This happens every time, and I don’t know what caused this problem.

Can you generate an Apple System Report, zip it up and attach it here?

Thanks for your help, file is attached.

But right now it’s already working fine. This only happens when I shut down the Macbook and then turn it on after about 8 hours. Restarting the laptop will solve the problem, so I might face the problem at least tomorrow.

The black screen is still clickable, it just doesn’t show the content.

Dorico (1.2 MB)

I’m interested in an Apple System Report, rather than Dorico’s diagnostics, if you don’t mind providing one?

File is attached! I hope this is what you need.

MacBook (386.9 KB)

Your MacBook Pro has both integrated graphics and a discrete Radeon GPU. You’re not by any chance forcing the use of one or the other of those bits of graphics hardware in System Preferences?

I don’t know what is this means… how should I do it specifically? Thanks very much!

See this information on the Apple support site: