Dorico 4 Pro crash on Windows 10 whilst typing hyphenated chorus lyric in lyric popover

The crash occurs specifically for hyphenated chorus lyrics - verse lyrics, hyphenated or otherwise and non hyphenated chorus lyrics can be entered without issue.

application.log.crash (34.5 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @AshleyWright. If you can reproduce this crash at will, could you please provide a project that allows the problem to be reproduced, together with the steps required? Thank you!

  1. In the full score layout, select the last crochet of measure 2 of Lead.
  2. Press Shift+L then Up Arrow, to access the lyric popover [chorus].
  3. Type A- (hyphen). Dorico Crashes.

TTTBBB Sextet.dorico (822.6 KB)

Thanks for the steps. Unfortunately, Dorico doesn’t crash for me when I do that in your project – does it definitely do it with the (presumably) cut-down project you’ve posted having removed all of the existing lyrics?

Could you also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file? That should contain the actual crash dump file.

This was in-fact my first pass of adding lyrics to this project. The diagnostic report zip exceeds 4 MB, as does any memory dump. The application log that has a modified date that matched the crash time I attached in my original message.

Attached here is the matching memory dump individually zipped (1.8 MB)

Thanks for the crash log, Ashley. I think I know what the problem is here: there’s a crash relating to lyric verse numbers that we have unfortunately introduced in Dorido 4.0 relating to trying to handle the case of switching whether the notation and tab are visible for a guitar, or just one or the other, but doing so somewhat overzealously. For the time being, if you switch off the engraving option to show verse numbers by default, that should get you going. We’ll fix this problem in the first maintenance update, as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks, I can confirm that this does indeed mitigate the issue.