Dorico 4 Pro hangs on startup

Mac Pro 2013, Mojave 10.14.6, RME UFX+ interface, Dorico 4 Pro hangs on startup - sometimes says “Launched Audio Engine”, sometimes gets past that and says “waiting for audio connection”, but then nothing

Probably a hung audio engine - open up Activity Monitor and look for it, and maybe Dorico hung in the background, I think it’s called VSTAudioEngine or some such.

Happens not infrequently depending on what you’re up to. BTW Dorico team, FWIW a great solution for a “box car” problem like this (main process/sub process) is to create a third process which always runs, as a service in Win or Mac. Just a simple thing that mediates between the slave and master. I’ve done this on big commercial projects a number of times and it solves all of these issues. For example it has a heartbeat with the audio engine, and seamlessly kills/relaunches if it dies. Basically a variation on the MVC pattern.

Hi @James_Weisbin , have a look here and follow the recipe. Does that resolve your problem?

Removing the Econ bundle worked, thanks!