Dorico 4 purchase failed, but Steinberg still charged me for it

I tried to purchase Dorico 4 (update) via steinberg’s online shop. I first tried Paypal, but the purchase failed. Luckily the Paypal did not charge me for anything. Then I tried my credit card. The webpage says the purchase failed again, but this time I can see Asknet charged me $99 and did NOT send me any email, invoice or activation code.

Now I can’t contact Asknet to refund my money because I don’t have any order number to create a ticket. What should I do?

By the way, why did the purchase keep failing? It’s annoying.

Please note that I can’t log in to Asknet, so creating a ticket is my only option.

My MySteinberg ID and SteinbergShop ID ( which is.actually an Asknet ID I presume) both won’t work on Steinberg - Online Shop Support by asknet. The webpage keeps saying

“The email and password you entered does not match”.

Ironically, I can log in to both MySteinberg and SteinbergShop just fine.

I had the same problem. You actually have to create another account.

I had a problem with my order didn’t go through with credit card initially, and I submitted multiple orders. Fortunately, I only registered one copy and they refunded me. You could also open a chat to talk to the support agents, they are generally fairly helpful.

Sorry for the inconvenience! I will reach out to our online shop partner to see what is going on. From what I can see here, both payments weren’t completed and it could be that the CC hasn’t really been charged but what you see is just a “pre-charge announcement” which may get cancelled automatically again. But I will check.

Hi lofe and Ed,

Thank you both for helping.

The “pre-charge announcement” makes sense and it will probably refund me automatically, but I appreciate Ed for double checking for me.

However, there are a lot of unsolved problems that may affect other users:

  • I can’t log in into Asknet using MySteinberg ID or SteinbergShop ID.
  • I can’t create an Asknet ID (if there is such a thing) because there is no portal/button for me to do so.
  • I can’t create a second SteinbergShop ID because there is no portal/button for me to do so, unless I pretend to purchase something on the SteinbergShop.
  • Even if I do pretend to purchase something on the SteinbergShop, I still can’t create a second SteinbergShop ID because the SteinbergShop won’t log out my first ID. There’s no portal/button for me to log out, so I have to manually clear my cookies. I know most people buying Steinberg products have some sort of an engineering degree, but don’t you think it’s pushing too far?
  • I am still not sure which ID I should use even with lofe’s help. At this point, I am starting to believe I am mentally challenged.
  • In the Asknet, It states “If you still cannot find the order confirmation here or it has already been deleted, you can request a copy from our customer services department by email. In order to do so, please submit a request via the “Contact” section of this page.” Well, there is no “Contact” section in that page.
  • There is no obvious “open a chat” portal/button either, so I am still trying to find the chat lofe recommends. (Still, I appreciate the help)

It may sound like I am frustrated but I am actually feeling OK, especially with Ed’s confirmation. I just feel obligated to point out Steinberg’s errors for other users. Thank you both again for helping.

I know it’s annoying when something like this goes wrong, but don’t worry: the team will sort it out.

If there is a record of your payment (at your bank, at Asknet, etc), then you’ll definitely get what you paid for; if no payment occurred, then you can try again. Or not!


It really looks like there are several issues in this one, but Asknet confirmed that they will reach out to you directly to resolve this as soon as possible (and hopefully include an info on the Asknet account issue as well).

For me, this page offers me the option to submit a ticket and among the articles a bit further down, there is a “Contact Details Customer Service” article.

In general, there is one Steinberg ID needed for our stuff and one Asknet account for all the orders as Asknet is a separate and independent company.

Hi Ed and everyone,

Thanks again for helping.

I am not sure the “Contact Details Customer Service” is the “Contact section” Asknet referred to, because Asknet says I can “submit” things, but the “Contact Details” are full of phone numbers. Still, the phone numbers can be anyone’s last resort.

Anyway, let me update on this:

I have received the order confirmation and activation code from Asknet. The process seems to be done manually by Asknet, so one of the following must be working:

  • I created a ticket on the Asknet webpage without an order number. Yes, it turns out you can just type some nonsenses in the Order Number field and the system will still let you create a ticket.
  • Ed kindly passed the information to Asknet.

Unfortunately, I still can’t login to Asknet. They made a suggestion for me to reset my SteinbergShop password. As you all know, there is no portal/button to do so on the webpage, so I had to reset my password via a link in the email. The reset was successful but I still can’t login to Asknet.

At this point, I am not so eager to sign into Asknet because I just learned I can type nonsenses in the Order Number field. Hopefully this tip can help other users as well.

Oh dear god, it seems the new soft license thing—or Steinberg License, whatever you call it—is completely broken.

With the activation code of Dorico 4, I can use the actual software without problems, but the registration/activation broke my MySteinberg account.

Before activating Dorico 4, I had:

  • Steinberg Licensing-based products: nothing
  • eLicenser-based products: Dorico 3.5 and Cubase 11

After activating Dorico 4, I now have:

  • Steinberg Licensing-based products: Dorico 4
  • eLicenser-based products: nothing

The activation deleted my Cubase 11 (at least on the UI ). What a twist. I guess I will have to go to the Cubase forum now. I can also try writing to, but it usually takes months for them to reply, so hopefully I will make another update in two months.

I think the activation actually overwrote my MySteinberg account, because my Given Name and Surname are gone, too. What did my parents do to deserve this?

I had a quick look at your account using the apple…@pro…com email address associated with the Steinberg ID you use for the forum, and it appears that you have not registered any eLicensers with that account. Is it possible that you have another account with another email address where your eLicenser(s) are registered?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for helping. You are absolutely right.

I had always had only one MySteinberg ID until yesterday, but it seems that I accidentally created a second MySteinberg ID during all the chaos.

Now, my IDs are like this:

The first MySteinberg ID:

  • Dorico Pro 3.5 (Not upgradeable)
  • Cubase Pro 11

The second MySteinberg ID:

  • Dorico Pro 4

The second MySteinberg ID is, of course, brand new and contains no family information of mine. :wink:

I am sure there’s a way to merge them. I will try to figure this out or seek support from your technical team. Sorry for the false alarm.

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Yes, I expect the support team will be able to help you with that. Please have patience, as the team is very busy, but they will come back to you as soon as they can.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks again. I understand how busy you must be.

I found a old post on the forum called:
“Move/Merge license accounts - Steinberg Forums”

Then I followed the instruction to merge the account by myself. I can finally leave my worries behind and start tinkering with Dorico 4.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.


Great! Onwards and upwards.

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