Dorico 4 SE and Dorico 4 Pro installed but only SE runs

Installed Dorico 4 SE and was able to run it. Then purchased and installed Dorico 4 Pro and it installs fine, but when I try to run it, it opens as Dorico 4 SE. My account shows Dorico 4 Pro as “not used on any computers”. Dorico 4 SE shows “used on 1 computer”. How do I get Dorico 4 Pro to be used on this computer?

I would try the following:

  • launch SAM
  • Sign Out in SAM
  • quit SAM, and also Dorico, if you’re running it
  • wait 10 seconds (to allow background processes to quit)
  • relaunch SAM
  • Sign In again

This should clear the existing Dorico SE licence from your computer and allow Dorico Pro to run.

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Another thing to try is to use Steinberg Activation Manager to deactivate Dorico SE on that computer and activate Dorico Pro before starting Dorico.

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Thanks. I just had to run SAM and click activate Dorico Pro.

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