Dorico 4 se - tab & splits

I didn’t think I was stupid but, the official documentation and videos for Dorico seem to have no resemblance to what you actually want to do.
For example, although I score in notation, sometimes, I would like to be able to use TAB for bass guitar. However, the documentation essentially says “yep, you can do it, TAB is just an alternative method” and the official video refers to a Players Page which doesn’t seem to exist.
There seems to be a number of different things like this.
Overall, I find the same with much of the Steinberg documentation for their products and the support is absolutely awful - it takes weeks to get answers (I tried twice), there is no online support and the helpdesk number is a German number - great if you’re in Germany but elsewhere, not so much (oh, it’s only available for about 3 seconds a day too).
I’m pretty sure that Steinberg aren’t that hard up!
Anyone else finding the same thing or, contrary to what I thought, am I actually stupid?

You set tab on the Layout Options (shift-alt-L) under the section Players>Fretted Instruments

There are a lot of stupid people in the world, but you don’t seem like one. :smirk:

@Janus has preset answered your layout question. In regards to support: this forum is the place to go for answers, usually within minutes. Steinberg support is variable; Dorico support is excellent.

And welcome to the forum…

Welcome to the forum @Jason_Barlow !

Something that might be helpful to know about how we structure our manuals is outlined on this page. I wonder if what you say here

is because you landed on the introduction page for tablature, where how it works in general and also specifically in Dorico is outlined, but the specific instructions for how to hide/show tab for specific players are written out on a separate page. It should be linked at the bottom of that and most relevant pages though, so keep an eye on the list of “related links” at the bottom.

(We’re aware of requests to have related links embedded into words in the main body of documentation pages, and to have all pages in a chapter appear in a single scrolling view.)

Hello Lillie

This is very useful, thank you, however, it would be nice for there to be some sort of link from the introduction page or, when you search for something, in this case TAB, it to come up with more than just the introduction page.

I find this kind of thing really annoying but luckily, help is available here!

Hi Jason, there is already a link from the introduction page about tablature to the instructions for hiding/showing notation staves and tablature. Likewise, if you search for “tablature”, the top two results are the introduction followed by how to hide/show notation staves and tablature. (If you search simply “tab”, pages about tabs and the tab bar also come up.)

If you have any other examples of where you’ve not been able to find something, please do let me know what the thing was and what you searched, in case I can improve either linking or terms for search results.

Hi. I’ve managed to sort this out, thank you for your help, but how do I change to tablature from a standard stave (i.e. bass stave to TAB)?
I know online manuals are great but, I find them really difficult to navigate.

Lillie posted the link in her previous reply, but here it is again:

It doesn’t seem to tell me how to change the stave.
These instructions work if I’m starting from scratch but, if I follow them for an imported midi file, that section of being able to select ‘fretted instruments’ isn’t there.

I can add another instrument and get the TAB but not change the one that’s already there. Does that make sense?

That would suggest that you are not importing your midi file to a fretted instrument?

That is very true but, I didn’t know I had too!!

I’m very new to this and have a very low threshold of investigation tolerance (maybe my age).

Thanks everyone for help, I’m sure there will be more such as, how do I import a midi file?


Jason, if you find that the option to choose between tablature and staff notation isn’t shown, then you can go to Setup mode and change the instrument in the Players panel. The procedure for changing an instrument is described here: