Dorico 4 slow on large project

Hello! I’m using Dorico 4.3 Pro. I write music for large custom ensembles, 40 staff scores, with 8 to 15 flows. I have been using Dorico for a month now and I’m very happy with lots of things but I’m having some problems too, and I need to fix them.
I have written an 8 flows piece and as I was making progress with the piece, Dorico was becoming slower and slower. Now it is really slow. Creating a new player makes me wait for some seconds, and eliminating a flow now lasts an average of 10 minutes.
I have lots of VSTs installed in my M1 Macbook Pro (32 GB of ram), but with Pro Tools and Ableton, I work very quickly. What can I do to make Dorico Faster? I really would like to be able to make mockups while I write the music, but if it is required for improving Dorico’s performance I can write all the music with the Silent Template and then make the mockups in the end.
I’m using the Native M1 version now.
For the mockups, I need to use the BBC Spitfire Pro library, combined with Best Service’s Era II Medieval Legends, alongside HALion, Garritan, and Keyscape libraries. It forces me to open Dorico with Rosetta. Does it low the performance a lot? I have experienced more crashes while opening with Rosetta.
I also would like to know if it is possible to have a Backup every minute. I recently lost an hour of work and it would be very helpful.
Thank you very much in advance. I’m fascinated by how helpful this forum is.

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Some folks have suggested creating temporary flow-specific (full score) layouts (or one temporary layout that one can switch as needed) to put a specific flow into the Page Template Music Frame.

You might wish to try this on a copy of your file (set to Silence) to see how changes affect surrounding flows’ pagination.

In addition to Derrek’s suggestion, it’s been helpful in my experience to complete all the required setup tasks, display the required layout in Write Mode and then restart Dorico before getting into things like the Key Editor . Once it reopens in that layout “afresh”, it often runs a little faster. Dan recommended it and it always works for me.

For less frequent backups, you need to go to Preferences / General and change the frequency of Auto-Save.

For very large projects I’d also advise switching off the option to save a graphical preview when saving, which you’ll find at the bottom of the Project tab in the File > Project Info dialog. This makes saving quicker.


Regarding this, it occurs to me that I would be satisfied with a preview of just the first page of the current layout for most files. I wonder if many other users would agree. Could that be considered as a future option?


Thanks Mark - having just the first page for quick view is a terrific idea.