Dorico 4 - SVG import wrong font type

A graphic (SVG) created in Affinity Designer with font type Times, imports into D4 with a wrong font type, something like Arial.
In Affinity I need to export text as curves for a correct import into D4.

But imported into D3.5 the graphic imports still correctly.
Is there a setting in D4 that I must change?

Since the Qt framework’s support for SVG is somewhat rudimentary, I would suggest converting text in your SVGs to outlines before you import them into Dorico if possible.

Thanks Daniel, I found out already,
but it is strange that Dorico 3.5 works well in this area.

The underlying Qt framework moves along and changes behaviour underneath us: sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse! (Like any marriage, I suppose :slight_smile: )

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Daniel, when I make a slice from some text (working in D4 - font = Times), export as SVG and then import in D4, the font type changes also in Arial.

I have to

  • import the SVG slice in Affinity Designer,
  • then export with text outlines,
  • then import in D4 with the correct font type.

I made a lot of SVG’s in D3.5, so I have to correct them all for D4.
It is doable, but a lot of extra work.
I hope this (Qt framework?) problem will be over soon…

I sometimes use inkscape ( Inkscape is a free and open-source) to convert svg , and there is batch to convert, but don’t know if it works to convert with the batch svg to svg…so you can try.
here is some information:[](https://)
best regards Dup

Yes, thanks.

You can use Cloud Convert to convert them to paths in one shot.

Thanks Dan, I will try that too.

I have also experienced this problem. SVG slices export from Dorico changes the font type. Would love to know if there’s a way to keep Dorico from changing things on export.

Also, a very silly question I’m sure, what is Qt?

Export as PDF.

Qt This might help:

There is a link to the Qt website in there, but this blog explains how it is used in Dorico, so probably a better starting point.

Qt is a cross-platform software development framework used by lots of applications to provide essential services. It’s not a simple matter to explain what exactly Qt does for Dorico, but graphics import/export is among the things handled pretty directly by Qt.

The SVGs exported from Dorico specify the text as explicit text items rather than rendering the characters down to outlines. As mentioned earlier in the thread, you can use another graphics application to convert the text in the SVG to outlines, or you could use a different format.

Thanks, all. Very helpful.