Dorico 4 - SVG import wrong font type

A graphic (SVG) created in Affinity Designer with font type Times, imports into D4 with a wrong font type, something like Arial.
In Affinity I need to export text as curves for a correct import into D4.

But imported into D3.5 the graphic imports still correctly.
Is there a setting in D4 that I must change?

Since the Qt framework’s support for SVG is somewhat rudimentary, I would suggest converting text in your SVGs to outlines before you import them into Dorico if possible.

Thanks Daniel, I found out already,
but it is strange that Dorico 3.5 works well in this area.

The underlying Qt framework moves along and changes behaviour underneath us: sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse! (Like any marriage, I suppose :slight_smile: )

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Daniel, when I make a slice from some text (working in D4 - font = Times), export as SVG and then import in D4, the font type changes also in Arial.

I have to

  • import the SVG slice in Affinity Designer,
  • then export with text outlines,
  • then import in D4 with the correct font type.

I made a lot of SVG’s in D3.5, so I have to correct them all for D4.
It is doable, but a lot of extra work.
I hope this (Qt framework?) problem will be over soon…

I sometimes use inkscape ( Inkscape is a free and open-source) to convert svg , and there is batch to convert, but don’t know if it works to convert with the batch svg to svg…so you can try.
here is some information:
best regards Dup

Yes, thanks.

You can use Cloud Convert to convert them to paths in one shot.

Thanks Dan, I will try that too.