Dorico 4 Voices


When creating a new piano instrument and recording midi onto it, the notes are automatically split into different voices. Is there a way, like in the previous version, to make it so a piano part is not automatically split into different voices. I am also getting legato marking all over the piano part which is not needed. Thank you!

See page 23 of the Version History for the options to turn off Slurs.

If you play a chord, it should be in one voice. Obviously, if you play separate lines, then they will be in voices.
Can you give an example of the result you’re getting, and what you want instead?

Thanks Ben, got the slurs part out of the way.

If I play an arpeggio with my left hand and a melody on the right on one piano track, I get two or three voices. I am just trying to have it on one voice for the whole piano part, no need to have them in different voices with all the extra rests showing.

Playing an arpeggiated figure is a bit of a torture test for any algorithm like this – Dorico doesn’t (yet, though perhaps in the future it may) detect arpeggios, and if you are playing a texture where notes are offset by a measured amount, e.g. an eighth or longer, then in fact splitting it into multiple voices might be one of the clearest ways to represent it.

In the end, there will always be situations where an automatic system doesn’t provide exactly the result you want. Hopefully the tools we provide to quickly manipulate the disposition of voices after you have played your music will help to sort that out.

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Ahh yes, I understand… In the previous version I am used to just playing in the piano part and with the shortcuts I just press “shorten to next note” and “Extend to next note” and that takes care of everything. Piano part looks great and clean. In this version it auto creates voices to the piano which makes things much more difficult.

I am aware there is an option to turn auto voices off when importing midi but can this be done as well with recorded parts? Not sure what the best/easiest way to record piano into Dorico. Thank you for all the help!

IIRC Daniel has already answered that in another similar thread. He thought the option was there but it’s not, and will probably be added in a future update.

Ok perfect, thank you foe all the help!