Dorico 4 with other VST Instrument Behaviors

I upgraded to Dorico 4 (element and pro) recently. I noticed some inconsistent behaviors.

  1. Changing VST instrument will disconnect FX channel.
    • I saw another thread already discussed this and it appears to be on track to be fixed in the next release.
  2. Change VST instrument from default Halio Sonic 3.5 SE to something else in Play mode, the external keyboard MIDI event does not get passed to the new VST correctly and results in no sound. But once switch to Write mode and play the keyboard, the VST instrument will make sound. Switch back to Play mode now will also produce sound with the keyboard.

Here is a screen recording to show the problem: go to youtube dot com / watch?v=2NLzC8nPK8s

The first of these problems will certainly be fixed in the first maintenance update, and I’m unable to reproduce the second problem, though I’m using a development build, so I’m hopeful this will also be fixed in the maintenance update for you too.

I just updated to the latest 4.0.10 release. (1) has been fixed, but (2) is still not fixed when the first time VST instrument changes, the instrument doesn’t make sound. I had to switch to Write mode where it start to make sound, then switch back to Play mode. This is not a critical problem, just buggy code.