Dorico 4 works slow

Hi there
I am wondering why Dorico 4 works slow on my system. I have Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H
CPU @ 2.6GHz 2.59 GHz with 16GB RAM, Win 10 x64-based. I also work with Cubase 11, and I normally compose for a symphonic orchestra with hundreds of tracks, Audio, and MIDI, and I have never had a speed issue. Could anyone please give me an idea of what the problem is?

It’s possible you have a midi feedback loop. Dorico 4 shouldn’t be any slower than 3.5 (it’s faster for most things).

Perhaps you can share a file that demonstrates particular slowness here, as well as a diagnostics report for the dev team to scan for info.

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Dear Romanos
Thank you for your answer. I searched about the MIDI feedback loop and disabled my MIDI inputs. It is much better now, but I wonder if I can make it faster. I could not find how to get a diagnostic report in Dorico 4 on Google and YouTube. Would you please let me know how I can get that?

See the screenshot. It will save to your desktop.

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Done, you may download it here

It was larger than 4MB which is the maximum limit for uploading files here so I made a google drive link.